Girona is located in the north-west of Catalonia. It is 100km from Barcelona, 40km away from the Costa Brava and 96km from Perpignan.

You will be able to enjoy its gastronomy, tradition, culture, and history.

Holidays and Traditions


Theatre and Dance International Festival

Temporada Alta is the Theatre and Dance International Festival that is celebrated from the end of September to the beginning of January.


Sant Jordi

(St George). On April 23rd we celebrate the Book and Rose Fair, where you will be able to purchase your rose or your book in one of the many market stalls available throughout the city.


Fires de Sant Narcís

(St Narcís Fair). Fires de Sant Narcís is Girona’s biggest festivity, celebrated at the end of October. You will be able to enjoy different activities destined to adults and children alike.


La Setmana Santa Els Manaies

(Easter Week: The Manaies). Hundreds of soldiers dressed as Romans, descending down the Cathedral’s steps.


Temps de Flors

(Flower Festival). On the second week of May, we celebrate Temps de Flors which is Girona’s great spring celebration. The city is decorated and filled with flowers and scents.

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